OU 15


Contents .pdf

István Hoffmann : Linguistic Reconstruction - Ethnic Reconstruction .pdf

Valéria Tóth: Methodological Problems in Etymological Research on Old Toponyms of the Carpathian Basin .pdf

Anita Rácz: Settlement Names in an Onomatosystematical Context: Name Typology, Etymology, and Chronology .pdf

Pavel Štěpán: Problems of Etymological and Motivational Interpretation of Czech Compound Toponyms .pdf

Éva Kovács: The Relationship between Early Hydronyms and Settlement Names .pdf

Oliviu Felecan - Adelina Emilia Mihali: Sighetu Marmației: An Etymological and Sociolinguistic View of Urban Toponymy .pdf

Melinda Szőke: A Historical Linguistic Analysis of Hungarian Toponyms in Non-Authentic Charters .pdf

Barbara Bába: Etymological Problems Related to Toponym Clusters .pdf

Evelin Mozga: Problems Involved in Defining Anthroponym Etymologies .pdf

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Onomastica Uralica 15.