OU 11


Contents .pdf

Grant W. Smith: The symbolic meanings of names .pdf

Annamária Ulla Szabó T.: Bilingualism: binominalism? .pdf

Eszter Ditrói: Statistical Approaches to Researching Onomastic Systems .pdf

Thomas Stolz-Nataliya Levkovych: Toponomastics meets linguistic typology: Glimpses of Special Toponymic Grammar from Aromanian and sundry languages .pdf

Małgorzata Mandola: Classifications onomastiques polonaise et française .pdf

Andrea Bölcskei: A report on the compilation of an English-Hungarian glossary of onomastic terms .pdf

Aleh Kopach: The Sigmatics of Place Naming .pdf

Csilla Katona: Toponyms as Sources of Historical Phonology .pdf

Artur Gałkowski: Les onomasticons globaux dans une perspective théorique .pdf

César López-Leiva-Joan Tort-Donada: Toponyms related to plants in transitional vegetation areas: how diversity is conveyed by place-names .pdf

Barbara Bába: Chronological and Word-geographical Stratification of Geographical Common Words meaning 'Watercourse' .pdf

Sanda Rapa: Generic Terms in Latvian Toponymy .pdf

Carole Hough: Place-Name Evidence for Old English Dialects .pdf

Botolv Helleland: Place-names containing occupational terms: a study based on data from two regions in Norway .pdf

Soňa Wojnarová: Colour Terms 'Gold' and 'Silver' in Finnish and Czech Toponyms .pdf

Katalin Reszegi: Names of Man-made Places and Natural Landscape Objects .pdf

Jaroslav David: Toponymy in a Socialist City - the Cities of Ostrava-Poruba, Havířov and Most .pdf

Joan Tort-Donada-Joan Carles Membrado-Tena: Urban toponymy as a tool for interpreting the physical environment: A case study: Barcelona's mediaeval old town .pdf

Roberto Fontanot : One Nation, One Name: not an Easy Task .pdf

Atoma Batoma: Secret Names and True Identities: Onomastics and Metaphysics among the Kabye (in Togo) .pdf

Ifeoma Udoye: The Semantics of Oka Dying Anthroponyms .pdf

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Onomastica Uralica 11.