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Onomastica Uralica research programme aims at ensuring a publication forum for the onomasticians of Uralian languages and thus promoting the onomastics-focussed examination of Uralian languages. An important effort of the programme is that these results be made accessible for international onomastics, too, that's why we publish these papers in English and Russian. Studies are published in these two languages printed in the periodical entitled Onomastica Uralica and we make papers accessible in major Uralian languages, too, including Hungarian, Finnish and Estonian, apart from the above languages on the website, if the authors of the studies provide us with their work in one of these languages as well.

In the publication and on the website, we publish studies in the field of the research of toponyms and personal names of Uralian languages and the examination of certain types of names and general name theory. We introduce major research programmes in onomastics of each Uralian language and provide reviews on the most significant onomastics publications. We also commemorate the anniversaries of outstanding onomasticians, too. Besides, the Onomastica Uralica programme attempts to coordinate onomastics research of Uralian languages as far as possible and, for this purpose, it publishes thematic volumes in certain topics.

The Onomastica Uralica programme is open for every onomastician: the editorial board is glad to publish the received papers after revision and is to assist every suggestion which might promote the development and support of the onomastics of Uralian languages.

We request the authors to send their manuscripts (preferably in electronic format, too, embedding special fonts!) to the editors to the following addresses:

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University of Helsinki
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