User agreement and ethics statement

The acceptance decision for publication of submitted manuscripts in Magyar Nyelvjárások is made by the Editorial Board after the peer-review process. We require no peer-review for reviews, dialectal text and data publications, and writings in the Commemorations sections as these are assessed by the Editorial Board. (For further information about the peer-review process see the Peer-Review menu.)
We publish no articles in the journal that have been published before elsewhere, nor do we allow simultaneous publication. We require a statement from authors in advance attesting to the originality and unpublished status of their article. Studies included in Magyar Nyelvjárások, however, may be republished without authorization by the Editorial Board if full credit is given to Magyar Nyelvjárások as the site of first publication.
Magyar Nyelvjárások does not use plagiarism detection during the editing process but does require from contributors in addition to their statement affirming no prior or simultaneous publication, a signed declaration affirming the originality of authorship, that is, a lack of any plagiarism.
Mmanuscripts rejected by the Editorial Board (in line with the reviewers’ reports) are sent back to the authors by email.
The Editorial Board and the reviewers treat all information and knowledge gained during the editing/reviewing process as confidential and promise not to use them for their own scholarly endeavors.