OU 14


Contents .pdf

Tamás Farkas: Onomastics Today: An International Overview .pdf

Emilia Aldrin-Inge Særheim-Väinö Syrjälä: NORNA - The Nordic Cooperative Committee for Onomastic Research .pdf

Artur Gałkowski: Objectives, challenges, history and present organization of the Commission of Slavic Onomastics within the International Committee of Slavists .pdf

Evgeny Shokhenmayer: Resources, media, networks and future of onomastic studies .pdf

Milan Harvalík-Iveta Valentová: The Current State and Perspectives of Onomastic Terminology .pdf

Staffan Nyström: Place-name policies in Scandinavia and elsewhere .pdf

Pavel Štěpán: Namegiving in the Czech Republic: Legal Regulation and the Role of Onomasticians .pdf

Patricia Carvalhinhos-Maria Célia Lima-Hernandes- Adriana Lima: The ideological function in names of public spaces in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil .pdf

Jiří Martínek: Politicians on the maps of Central and Eastern Europe .pdf

Hirofumi Nakaba-Toyomi Nakaba:Naming Method of Tunnels in Japanese Expressways: a 2016 study of tunnel names in Noetsu Expressway between Toyama and Ishikawa Prefectures of Japan's main island .pdf

Peter K W Tan: The True Name: public and private housing in Singapore .pdf

Oxana Issers: Identifying power of names in the service industry (based on the examples of hotel names in Siberia) .pdf

Ingrid Spitzner: Nachhaltigkeit in Firmennamen - Ein Ranking in der Namensgestaltung .pdf

Judit Kozma: Names of Astronomical Objects from a Global and Local Perspective .pdf

Richard Coates: Meaningfulness in literary naming within the framework of The Pragmatic Theory of Properhood (TPTP) .pdf

Martyna Katarzyna Gibka: The Functions of Characters' Proper Names in Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett .pdf

Marie A. Rieger: >In Afrika haben die Kinder oft solch merkwürdige Namen.< Das Fortwirken kolonialer Denkmuster in aktuellen Afrikaromanen .pdf

Ayokunmi Ojebode: African Onomastics and Gender Semiotization in Chimamanda Adichie's Purple Hibiscus and Kunle Afolayan's The Figurine .pdf

István Boda-Judit Porkoláb-Éva Máté : Le Mississippi, poeme de Milán Füst : un exemple de dénomination artistique de la nature .pdf

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Onomastica Uralica 14.