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Contents .pdf

István Hoffmann-Valéria Tóth: Theoretical Issues in Toponym Typology .pdf

Melinda Szőke: The Textual Positioning of Toponyms in Latin Language Medieval Hungarian Charters .pdf

Éva Kovács: Settlement names referring to the natural environment .pdf

Harald Bichlmeier: Archaische Fluss- und Ortsnamen in Mitteleuropa aus Sicht der modernen Indogermanistik .pdf

Rita Póczos: Parallele Erklärungsmöglichkeiten für alte Gewässernamen .pdf

Eila Williamson: Names of Salmon Pools in Berwickshire .pdf

Valéria Tóth: Systemic Relations between Anthroponyms and Toponyms in Old Hungarian .pdf

Pavel Štěpán: Systematic Relationships Between Toponyms and Anthroponyms in Czech .pdf

Jaakko Raunamaa: Pre-Christian Finnic anthroponyms in Finnish village names .pdf

Unni Leino:Overlap in present-day Finnish place names, given names, and surnames .pdf

Halszka Górny: Polish Name-Based Toponyms from Historical and Cultural Perspective .pdf

Sofia Evemalm: Murders, Drownings, and other Deaths: The Cultural Norms of Explaining Anthropo-Toponyms .pdf

Iker Salaberri: Aspiration in baskischen Orts- und Personennamen: ihre Bedeutung für Sprachwandel und -typologie .pdf

Thomas Stolz-Nataliya Levkovych-Ingo H. Warnke: Anthroponymic constituents of colonial toponyms - a comparison of Netherlands New Guinea and Portuguese Timor (as of 1955) .pdf

Paul Woodman: Central Europe: myth or reality? .pdf

Andrea Bölcskei: Central Europe as a historical, cultural, social and geopolitical concept today .pdf

Christian Zschieschang: Language contact and geographic names in different regions of East Central Europe .pdf

Justyna B. Walkowiak: Lithuanian anthroponymic heritage in Poland .pdf

Milan Harvalík : Czech First Names of Foreign Origin as Witnesses of Multicultural Contacts in Central Europe .pdf

Oliviu Felecan: Transylvania - A Toponymic Perspective .pdf

Adelina Emilia Mihali: The Influence of the Hungarian Language on the Toponymy of the north of Maramureş, Romania .pdf

Anita Rácz: Chronologie relative des types de toponymes .pdf

Michel A. Rateau: La base < hongr- > et ses variantes en onomastique française .pdf

Brittnee Leysen-Ross: Introduced Pakeha place-names in New Zealand's Otago region .pdf

Inge Særheim: Galten, Oksa and Porthunden - the boar, the bull and the watchdog. Words for domestic animals - taboo in coastal naming? .pdf

Wolfgang Ahrens-Sheila Embleton: Parish Names in the English-Speaking Caribbean .pdf

Mats Wahlberg: Local, National and International Features of Swedish Street-Names .pdf

Adriana Lima-Patricia Carvalhinhos: Toponymic Inflation: When the Politics Dilates Names. The Bridges of Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo, Brazil) .pdf

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